Joy’s Cake and Sweets is about a mother and a daughter who shares the passion of baking. They share not only their passion, but names as well. Both of them share the name “Joi” which is just a “unique” take on the common Joy.

Joi, the mother, got her inspiration to bake from her mom Josefina. Her mother studied baking. Growing up, Joi watched her mom bake goodies and she got more attracted to baking. After having her first child in 1988, Joi started baking desserts for a lot of clients for different occasions.

Joi, the daughter, also got inspiration to bake from her mom Joi. Seeing how her mom bakes sweet treats and cakes, she dreamt of becoming a Pastry Chef one day. She wasn’t able to pursue studying at a Pastry School so she studied Software Engineering instead. The love for baking never went away. So once she got her career steady, she then began taking Cake Decorating courses and Pastry Making courses. She has finished all Wilton Cake Decorating classes and she studied making pastries at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France and Ottawa, Canada.

Together, this mother-daughter duo hopes to expand this business at a larger scale.